Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus Scripts Web Page

on 9/3/01 9:08 PM, Ben Ford at ben kalifornia com wrote:

> Yeah, there's multiple ways, dialog, etc.  But it would look more
> "unified" if Nautilus did them.

If you have a specific suggestion about how the dialogs that a script can
create are second-class citizens, then I'd be happy to consider it. But I'd
like you to try something first, and then tell me what's wrong with it,
rather than guessing without trying it.

> Also, am I reading this right in that
> to view something from a script you need to open a new window and there
> is no way to manipulate the current view?

Yes, but you're kind of coming at it backwards. There's already a way to
tell Nautilus to open a new window. It's not specific to a "Nautilus
script". Anyone can do that from the command line. Ways to manipulate
existing windows from the command line could be added too.

I personally would be more likely to work on this if I was given a
particular specific example where I can see how a script would work much
better if it was given a way to change an existing window or view from the
command line, rather than the general principle that it "ought to be there".

> Is this something planned for future work, or does anybody think it
> would be worth the work?

I think that it's definite worthwhile to enhance the scripting feature,
driven by the actual scripts people are writing and the problems they run

That being said, it's not my top priority (which is porting to GNOME 2, and
#2 is speeding Nautilus up). But I continue to accept patches, and work with
contributors who are driven in a particular area like this.

    -- Darin

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