Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus Scripts Web Page

on 9/4/01 3:34 PM, Ben Ford at ben kalifornia com wrote:

> I am meaning that it would be more visually appealing if all scripts
> that used dialogs used the same ones, rather than some using tk, some
> using curses, etc.

They should all use gtk.

> My suggestion is to simply incorporate something
> like Xdialog ( into Nautilus, or even just
> include it as a standard gnome package.

You can use gtk from perl and python. Maybe you are saying that we need some
more gtk bindings?

> I already gave you a few.
> Image viewing.  It'd be nice to have a script to automatically resize
> your window to the best size to view an image.  If I had to open a new
> window, I'd just pop open ee.  Much faster that way at least.

You can't run scripts when the front window is an image view. The scripts
are a feature of the file manager view.

> Converting a word doc to text and viewing it.  Same thing, if I had to
> open a new window, I'd just open gless.
> Previewing web scripts.  I can already use a shell script to run a PHP
> script and pop open a Mozilla window.  (Actually, mozilla has -remote).
> But it would be nice to just be able to click on a script and have it
> run and display results in the HTML preview.

I understand these two examples.

    -- Darin

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