Re: [Nautilus-list] uri types

On 04Sep2001 02:47PM (-0500), David wrote:
> I have been looking for most of the day today to find a list of the
> supported uri's in nautilus.  I know there is ftp://, http://, smb://,
> and file://.  Where can I find a list of these?  

Different URI schemes are supported by gnome-vfs modules. Look at the
.conf files you have installed in /etc/vfs/modules (or you can look
for gnome-vfs conf files in modules such as gnome-vfs, medusa,
gnome-vfs-extras and nautilus [there may be other modules that provide
special gnome-vfs URI schemes too, I am not sure]).
> Also, is ssh:// going to be supported anytime soon?  scp?  I am probably
> very wrong here, but wouldnt implementing scp be almost as easy as ftp?

ssh is supported in the latest gnome-vfs in the cvs stable branch, but
you need to include the username and password in the URI (until some
enterprising soul adds gnome-vfs authentication callback support to
the ssh module).

I cc'd the gnome-vfs list since that is a good place to discuss
gnome-vfs issues.

 - Maciej

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