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That's a great page...thanks for putting that together.  

/me bookmarks.


On Mon, 2001-09-03 at 18:07, Shane Mueller wrote:
> Hi,
> I have created a web page with a couple dozen nautilus scripts I have
> run across on the web or written myself, as well as some (very
> ill-informed) information about what Nautilus scripts are, how to use
> them, and how to write them. It can be found at
>  I found very
> little information out there about what nautilus scripts were or how to
> use them, so hopefully others will be able to use this to make their own
> nautilus experience better.
> I would like to make a request for anyone readign this to please send me
> any scripts you have that you think would  be useful to add to this web
> page.  And, If I said anything that is incredibly stupid on it, please
> let me know that too. And if you know of any other links or information
> that should be on this page, let me know as well. Thanks for your
> assistance, and I hope others will find this useful.
> Shane Mueller
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