[Nautilus-list] Re: [GNOME VFS] Wishlist item: One stop Firewall shopping in GNOME

On 01Sep2001 12:14PM (+0200), Christian Schaller wrote:
> Hi hackers,
> I thought I should do a feature request hoping someone would take pity
> :)
> Anyway I have allways wanted to be able to go into the GNOME Control
> Center and set my proxy firewall settings once and for all there.
> That way whenever I use Nautilus, one of the webbased panel applets or
> the new Elysium Downloader they will both a) have proxy firewall support
> and b) have it set. If this is implemtented I would think adding the
> configuration to the doorman druid would also be an idea.
> I would think that in order to get this proxy firewall support needs to
> get added to GNOME-vfs (and the applets ported to gnome-vfs). Of course
> it would be nice if it is implemented in a way which enabled
> non-gnome-vfs apps like Galeon to be able to retrieve those settings to,
> but I expect that should be easy since the info will be stored in GConf
> I presume.

gnome-vfs already has proxy support and already stores the setting in
GConf. All that's left is for someone to integrate this into an
appropriate panel applet. It would be even cooler if this applet could
configure other apps that don't use gnome-vfs properly as well.



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