[Nautilus-list] Re: [GNOME VFS] Wishlist item: One stop Firewall shopping in GNOME

Christian Schaller wrote:
Hi hackers,
I thought I should do a feature request hoping someone would take pity

Anyway I have allways wanted to be able to go into the GNOME Control
Center and set my proxy firewall settings once and for all there.

That way whenever I use Nautilus, one of the webbased panel applets or
the new Elysium Downloader they will both a) have proxy firewall support
and b) have it set. If this is implemtented I would think adding the
configuration to the doorman druid would also be an idea.

I would think that in order to get this proxy firewall support needs to
get added to GNOME-vfs (and the applets ported to gnome-vfs). Of course
it would be nice if it is implemented in a way which enabled
non-gnome-vfs apps like Galeon to be able to retrieve those settings to,
but I expect that should be easy since the info will be stored in GConf
I presume.

Something for GNOME 2?

Some very long discussions already take place about it some time ago and if I remember well the conclusion was something close to that.


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