Re: [Nautilus-list] Medusa?

on 10/26/01 4:47 AM, Laszlo PETER at Laszlo Peter ireland sun com wrote:

> Is the medusa project still alive?

The original author and maintainer, Rebecca Schulman, is still working on it
in her spare time, as far as I know.

> Is it going to be in GNOME 2?

I don't know if Rebecca is planning to port it to GNOME 2. Also, medusa
didn't become part of the GNOME 1.4 because of some bugs and design flaws. I
don't know if those have been addressed yet.

> Or is it just an optional goodie for Nautilus?

I'm not planning on removing the features in nautilus that work with medusa,
but I'm also not testing them. I'm going to let someone else take the lead
in this area.

It might be worth spending a little time making sure that nautilus doesn't
have any loose ends when used without medusa. For example, I'm not sure that
the toolbar button for doing searches is very useful when medusa support is
not compiled in.

    -- Darin

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