[Nautilus-list] My (usability) Problems w/ Nautilus

Hello Everybody,

I am using GNOME since a few years now, though I didn't make any
contribution to it (too little time due to real life... :/). But since I
read the Story "Your Gnome needs you" on Gnotices, I realized that there are
some things I could do to make GNOME more usable, at least for me. ;)

Since I use Nautilus as file manager I thought I'd just start there with my
thoughts: I need to use Windows at work, and I must say that there are some
things that the Windows Explorer does better that Nautilus, IMHO.

I have created/modified some issues in Bugzilla for Nautilus which cover
most of my issues w/ Nautilus. Now I would like to know whether these issues
will be regarded for GNOME 2 or not, and I would like to draw some attention
to these, of course... ;)

My list of issues (sometimes my ideas are already covered by these bugs,
sometimes I added a comment to these bugs in order to specify my take on
this issue):

1.  40147: "Better date-as-string for directory views"

2.  43538: "REQUEST: Easier way to minimize an active sidebar tab"

3.  47806: "changes to column widths are not saved"

4.  48470: "Sidebar does not remember state"

5.  62201: "Do not show dot files in Sidebar: Tree, even if "show dot files"

6.  62524: "Let user define more than one root/top-level nodes"

Since I don't have the time to do more intense testing or even coding I'm
afraid that this is all I can do in the near future...

Any comments are welcome!

bye, daniel :)

Daniel Bachran
<daniel at bachran dot de>    +40.30.450.25.202 // phone home
<db at condat dot de>         +49.30.3949.1200  // phone work

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