Re: [Nautilus-list] Icon factory caching

On Sat, 2001-10-06 at 02:46, Alex Larsson wrote:
    On Fri, 5 Oct 2001, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
    > On 05Oct2001 04:45PM (-0400), Alex Larsson wrote:
    > > On second thought, i think the right way is to readdir the actual pixmap 
    > > directories on startup and theme switch and just keep the existing 
    > > filenames in memory. Then we can avoid stat:ing but still keep the 
    > > existing algorithms.
    > > 
    > > I guess we could re-read it periodically too, or allow the user trigger a 
    > > re-read.
    > > 
    > You could use FAM to monitor these directories (when available). 
    I'm coding this now.

I dont know if we do this already, but we should always cache the trash
icon and the folder "accept file" states. Especially with SVG icons that
are scaled large (Yeah, I want a HUGE trash! It looks cool on the
desktop :o) it takes quite a bit of time to render the hilighted state
(even as default size). While these are just two icons that would be
 cached, it wouldnt waste a lot of memory, but I think it would be very
 useful since they are being used the most.

On an another note, while you are playing with FAM, would it be possible
to have Nautilus monitor its own metafiles for changes? I know the
thinking here is "nobody else should really poke these, so we dont need
to check" but I am thinking about stuff like changing the Evolution icon
to have a "NEW MAIL" emblem if there is new mail etc. It would even be
possible to do really evil stuff like animating the icon to blink
between two images every 2 seconds or something without making things
too bogged down :-) I did this with .desktop files on my webcam image,
and it works just fine for 1fps animations :^)

All kinds of nifty status things would be possible, as well as scripts
that move your icons around etc. 

Note, that this is not just for fun toys, but things like the above mail
notification would actually be useful. I know I can achieve some of this
by poking a .desktop file though, but one cannot change emblems or icon
coordinates with it.


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