Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus usability suggestions.

On Mon, 2001-10-08 at 14:34, Erik Nordström wrote:

    * The right click desktop menu needs to be cleaned up and
      restructured. Why not put some nice icons in there?  
      All the "New <item>" options should be on a submenu i.e:
    New-> Window
I dont think they should be in a submenu, unless there are a lot of
them. Submenus always make it hard to select items, I think the current
3 things grouped together dont need a submenu. It becomes an issue only
if the context menu starts to get too tall.

    Also missing is "New launcher" to create your own application
    launchers on the desktop as you can on the gnome panel. This submenu
    could also be filled in with "New text document" and so on, without
    cluttering the main right-click menu.

I think this is a known issue, though I agree, it needs to be added.

Also, I would like to have "New Terminal" on the File-menu of a Nautilus
window. It would be useful to hit a shortcut key to get a terminal with
the working directory in the directory what Nautilus was showing in the
window. (did that make sense? Open "My Documents", press a keyboard
shortcut and you get a gnome-terminal with "My Documents" as the working

        they are always accessible. This would make it easy to drag-n-drop 
      your documents to a floppy or other removable media without having
      to worry about the icon on the desktop being obstructed.

Speaking of that, Darin? Any plans to add the "drag a file on top of a
folder and have the folder temporarily open in a window so you can drag
to a subfolder" -feature that MacOS for example has? It is useful, and
Nautilus is approaching the speed at which this would be useful. Opening
windows is getting fast enough so this might be useful already.


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