Re: [Nautilus-list] nautilus-1.0.4-dynamic.patch

On Thu, 2001-11-15 at 18:36, Frederic Crozat wrote:
    > As a practical matter, I'd think you'd have a far easier time just making
    > code that keeps the two directories synchronized. It's not as elegant, but
    > it doesn't have all the issues of integration with the rest of Nautilus, and
    > it will work for other programs that look at ~/.gnome-desktop.
    This was my first idea (since I discovered Desktop on Volume are
    created/removed using this system) but when I found the merged directory
    class in libnautilus-private, I though it would be cleaner than
    synchronizing ~/.gnome-desktop..

Hmm, looks like the beginning of this thread happened outside the list,
so I am kind of puzzled about what this is about?

I am very interested in having system-wide directories, mainly for
scripts. (One could then make rpms/debs of the most useful and
general-purpose ones and have people just install them  on their
/usr/lib/nautilus/scripts/ or something.

But I wonder what this is about? It is good that the distro can install
desktop icons for various things, but it should also be possible to turn
them off. Maybe we need a way to tell Nautilus to "add a shortcut for
this .desktop file on the users desktop" - would be useful for program
installers and such. But they would sure annoy if you couldnt delete
them either..

Thus I am a bit confused and decided to ask .. :-)


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