Re: [Nautilus-list] gconfd-2 fails to run

Tomar <tomar apricot com> writes:
> Maybe this is a question for the gconf mailing list but
> the only reason why I'm trying to use gconfd-2 is for
> nautilus so why not give this list a shot first. :-)
> As the subject suggests, gconfd-2 fails to run at all.
> Without gconfd running nautilus doesn't run.  I've gone
> back through and updated and cleanly build gconfd and the
> supporting libraries but it still fails to function.
> Does anyone have any hints on how to fix this?

What error message are you seeing? (i.e. what leads you to the
conclusion that gconfd-2 has failed to run?)

If you run gconfd-2 manually, what do you see?

I assume you're using nautilus HEAD for GNOME 2? nautilus stable
should use gconfd-1.

If you turn on the user syslog, with an entry in syslog.conf like
  user.* /var/log/user

Then there may be useful messages from gconfd in there. Remember to
restart syslogd after editing the conf file.


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