Re: [Nautilus-list] some eel patching

Darin Adler <darin bentspoon com> writes: 
> Is there a way to enhance the results you get with older dumber WMs without
> damaging the ability of newer better WMs to do it perfectly?

GTK has a fallback for older WMs (in gdk_window_focus()), but we can't
do anything with workspaces/viewports unless we have support for
either the old GNOME WM spec or the new WM spec. I think we should
drop all code for the old GNOME WM spec, though, and hasten its
demise, just for maintenance reasons on both the toolkit and the
window manager side. Most WMs already support the new one.  For WMs
that support both, the result of using both sets of hints at once is
sort of unclear. Best to just kill the confusion.
> This worries me a bit. I don't think that users will know which windows are
> GtkDialogs and which are non-GtkDialogs. And in Nautilus, I was hoping that
> a single key would work to close any window.

The idea is really to have "all dialogs" have the same close shortcut
- dialogs should be user-distinguishable, as they have different
window manager decorations, and have buttons at the bottom, and so
on. Ideally I'd like to follow the Mac in having only a very few
"window types" which are clearly distinguishable and have defined

For most main app windows, Escape to close the main window seems like
it's a bad idea. I can see it for Nautilus windows though.

Thinking out loud, if Ctrl+w should truly apply to _all_ windows, it
should probably be in the window manager...

One problem with GtkDialog is that it can't be used for dialogs that
have buttons on the side, or no buttons. Occasionally such dialogs are
probably right. So it's kind of wrong that we have some dialog policy
defined in GtkDialog. In retrospect I think we made a mistake in
removing GTK_WINDOW_DIALOG, that window type should have had the
"dialog" features.


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