[Nautilus-list] Need some help creating a launcher

Yesterday I decided to give Nautilus a try.  At one point I told it to take
over the desktop.  Now I can't figure out how to create new launchers.
Nothing shows up in the right mouse menu over either the desktop or the
Nautilus windows.  I saw something in the list archives that suggested I'd
be able to do this.  According to the About... popup, I'm running version (came as part of Mandrake 8.0).

All I need are some simple launchers to allow me to pop up a terminal window
and ssh to some remote hosts.  If I can't create them from Nautilus itself,
I'm happy to create them manually with XEmacs. I took a look at the existing
launchers in ~/.nautilus/desktop but haven't been able to deduce the correct
link attribute to the nautilus_object tag.  All I keep getting is a
gnome-terminal running /bin/bash on the local machine.  My current link
attribute is


Any hints?


Skip Montanaro (skip pobox com)

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