Re: [Nautilus-list] flicker at startup (was Re: Nautilus vs. xpenguins)

Darin Adler wrote:

On Sunday, May 27, 2001, at 02:21  PM, Ben Ford wrote:

Hmm. I could be wrong, but I think the point was that Nautilus is so slow to start that in the meantime Nautilus users get a really nasty flicker. If we had a lightweight desktop manager, it would be much faster.

I think we can get rid of the flash. I don't think the issue is "slow startup". No one has ever tackled the problem, but my guess is that it would be very easy to fix.

Yes! it is about slow startup! Nautilus takes up to 10 seconds to start
on my P3 533 with 256Mb of RaM !! I have got a real test:

from kernel loading to desktop ready (with no HD activity)
28 seconds _without_ nautilus
38 seconds *with* nautilus

showing the "desktop" window with the background already on it would be great (now it looks like the active desktop thing).

oh, and 1.0.3 access my CDROM at startup even if I don't have it mounted, this adds some seconds too (and noise).

The scripts thing is wonderful!!


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