Re: [Nautilus-list] name and location of Scripts folder (was Re: skript folder translation)

Darin Adler <darin bentspoon com> writes: 
> OK. Sounds like a mistake.
> But I do want to quickly check with others on the list. Is there a consensus that
> directory names should never be translated, even user-visible ones?

FWIW we found that we couldn't sell Red Hat Linux in France unless
"Trash" was translated, since Trash appears on the desktop. So we had
to fix this in gmc. I think it's some sort of French law.

Probably any directories that we create and make user-visible should
appear as translated. But they shouldn't actually be named something
different on the disk, because then people lose their files when
switching locales.
> Partly a mistake, partly intentional. Putting the Scripts folder inside the default
> home for beginners was definitely a mistake. And naming the default home for beginners
> "Nautilus" was also a mistake, for that matter.

So, after the long thread following my email (sorry to hit your list
with that...), what views do you and John and Andy have on Start Here,
how it relates to the Nautilus folder, and how/whether I should
implement this feature?


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