Re: [PMH] Re: [Nautilus-list] Idea for Nautilus and GMC.


>     > The windows ILOVEYOU scenario included many many reports of
>     > people receiving emails which said "do not open email called
>     > iloveyou", but they did anyway because it was "from someone they
>     > knew".  Not being able to execute simple programs like this
>     > trivially puts a barrier in place so that only people who are
>     > qualified to execute said program are able to.  
> Well, if you want total security, dont let any software ever
> downloaded from the network be executed.  Turn off java, javascript
> in your browser, do not trust red carpet (after all, DNS attacks are
> possible), do not trust, and if we are in that
> path, how can you trust all the code that is included in an open
> source operating system?  

Java and javascript *should* run sandboxed, modulo browser bugs.

If red carpet does not check authenticity using private/public keys;
well, there's bug in red carpet to fix.

The difference between installer and application being installed is
that _installer is likely to mess your system by mistake_. If
application messes your system, it is because it is evil; but it is
hard to create installer that will not mess system. Also installer is
ran as root; while app is running as guest.
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