Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: [gnome-love] GNOME user environment brainstorming

"Luke Hutchison" <lukeh email com> writes:

> Just take a snapshot then pop up a window "Screenshot" with a thumbnail and
> three buttons: "Save As...", "Copy to Clipboard", and "Print...".
> This could be a small program which is run by the default Sawfish keyboard
> shortcut <PrintScreen>.
> The Windows user would be happy.  The
> stare-at-my-printer-and-wait-for-printed-screen user would be happy.  The
> power user would (hopefully) be happy.
> Who wants to write this 50-100 line program?

It turned out to be 580 lines plus a glade file, but I wrote such a
program.  It's really simple, doesn't take window frame pictures
correctly when you aren't running Nautilus, could use some tweaking, but
basically works.  Additionally it needs integrating with the rest of
GNOME.  I wasn't sure if it belonged with sawfish or the panel, so I
decided to let John and George fight over it.

There are screenshots available (taken with this app) at:
And source available at:

I don't want to touch this again, as I spent too much time on it as it
is (mostly wrestling with gnome-print oddness, fwiw).  If anyone else
wants to play with it more, they should feel free to do so -- so long as
they don't add too many more features.


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