Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: [gnome-love] GNOME user environment brainstorming

Maciej Stachowiak writes:
|begin  Havoc Pennington quotation:
|> He did a Nautilus view that shows the capplets as icons, and the shell
|> app that makes any capplet into a standalone app.
|Actually, the hack was a gnome-vfs module for "control-center:", the
|capplets would show up in the regular Nautilus icon and list views.

Yes. There were a few other components as well. I've put a snapshot up
for ftp at 

The README file follows:

This module has a collection of hacks to change the behaviour of the
GNOME control center. It contains the following:

 - A CORBA servant implementing the GNOME::control_center interface
   requested by capplets when they are run. Instead of displaying all
   applets in the same window, it creates separate windows for each

   Initially run the servant (it's called hack-cc-server) in the
   background, it will then hijack all capplet registrations

   It also implements a `View as Capplet' option in nautilus

 - A gnome-vfs module implementing the `control-center:' uri scheme

   All .desktop files in the control center's tree appear under the
   control-center: root, accessible by their `real' names. E.g.
   `control-center://Desktop/Theme Selector'

   Reading from these files returns a simplified form of the .desktop

 - A program `hack-cc-run-capplet' that accepts a sequence of URIs
   identifying capplet .desktop files. It will launch each given

 - Various mime metadata files to make everything work

 - An optional patch to nautilus to let it grab icons from .desktop

 - A file `Control Center' which you can copy to `~/.nautilus/desktop'
   to get a link to control-center: on your desktop

So, after installing this stuff, you will (1) be able to browse the
applets under the `control-center:' uri in nautilus, and (2) never have
to see the old gnomecc shell again!


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