Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: GNOME user environment brainstorming

> > - delete all the non-default clock applets
> There was some talk at GUADEC about removing non-useful applets from 
> the core and I completely agree. What about having some proviso that
> the appets are a) useful b) run on all platforms that support GNOME?

how about letting/standardizing/having end-users install applets into
their ~desktop directories?  put a nice UI on that.... make it shiny and
fun.  kind of like using the malodorous "windows update" or the Active
Desktop crap on windows.  if root runs it, give the option to install to
either the system folders or to root's personal desktop folders.

splitting the applets out into their own little bubbles of self-contained
usefulness would probably be a good thing.  installing a huge mass of them
from one package is... stinky.  i can see a
task-ximian-gnome-panel-applets in the making.... :)

> I think it would also be pretty neat, and in some cases essential, that
> the system admin could completely lock down GNOME configuration wise...
> so that no user could configure his/her own desktop. I can just see this
> being really useful in large companies with evil system admins :)

or in universities that don't allow people to do roaming profiles the
'right' way, but instead lock down the local desktop to the fullest extent

locking it down system-wide via a gnome mechanism would suuuure be nicer
than trying to do it with permissions and file ownership in home


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