Re: [PMH] Re: [Nautilus-list] Idea for Nautilus and GMC.

> You can also send an e-mail saying `please drag the /bin directory
> into the trashcan and everything will work just fine'.

But that message won't forward a copy of itself to everyone in your
addressbook and in your corporate LDAP server.

Why are you even bothering to try to argue about this?! It's not like
this is unexplored territory and no one knows what will happen if we
try. You are proposing to give Evolution *exactly* the functionality
that has made Outlook as grotesquely insecure as it is. The warning
message in your wrapper program is even similar to the demonstrated-
to-be-absolutely-useless warning that Outlook gives in this case.

> > If you feel comfortable shipping the exe-handler without a warning
> > dialog, well, then, go ahead, I guess (but please don't tie it into
> > gnome-vfs!). But don't kid yourself into believing that a warning
> > message will make it any more secure.
> Who said I would ship without a warning?  Jesus guys, why dont you go
> read the source code I posted before making those claims?

You have exactly missed my point. I'm claiming that it is (in the
general case) just as "secure" with the warning as it is without, so if
you don't feel comfortable shipping it without the warning, you
shouldn't feel comfortable shipping it with either.

-- Dan

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