Re: [PMH] Re: [Nautilus-list] Idea for Nautilus and GMC.

So sprach Ralf Corsepius am Thu, May 24, 2001 at 02:50:36PM +0200:
> Actually several times.
> For instance, I normally work in a German environment as ordinary
> user, but use a 'C'-localeas root. 

This means that your root user has the C locale, yes?

> In some cases I also use special user accounts in other locales
> (primarily "C").

But this doesn't interfere with what I said, does it?

> You should also have in mind that several applications are so badly
> translated, that people interactively change languages (at least I
> often switch to using "C" or English in shells/X-terms). There also
> exist several applications whose i18n support is broken and require
> using other languages to get them working at all (i.e. German locale
> uses "%d,%d" for floats, but some applications expect to see
> "%d.%d").

Sorry, but I'm lost.  I understand what you say, but in how far is this
important?  I said (or meant to say *G*), that the directories should be
setup once (or whenever the user clicks on a button to re-setup the
directories).  Further I said that GConf should be used to inform the
applications about where the directories are actually located.  This will
never be anything else than plain text.  

> > The only time he might really change the language might be the very first
> > time he starts GNOME and when the distribution/admin had chosen a wrong
> > default.
> Root uses "C" in most cases. Consequently system-wide installation
> will default to "C", while a personalized environment in many cases
> uses another language.

System wide installation?  Uh?  I thought we were talking about a GFS and
also thought that this GFS should specify the layout of the home directory. 
System wide installations, especially done as user root, will never (?)
write anything to a users homedirectory, will it?  It will rather write to
system directories (eg. /usr/share/ .....).  

Alexander Skwar
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