Re: [PMH] Re: [Nautilus-list] Idea for Nautilus and GMC.

So sprach Miguel de Icaza am Wed, May 23, 2001 at 07:34:47PM -0400:
> But here is a problem for you:
> 	How do you make that work in other languages other than
> 	English?

Uh?  If something like GConf would be used, it should contain something like
this (Note: I know nothing about how GConf works...):

	<GNOME Tag>
	</GNOME Tag>
	<Display LANG=EN>
	<Display LANG=DE>
		_Eigene Dateien

This means, programs should ask GConf for the 'Location' of a 'GFS-Dir' with
the 'GNOME Tag' and how to 'Display' it in a chosen 'LANG'.  So, XChat would
ask GConf: 'Please tell me where the direcotry used for 'Documents' ('GNOME
Tag') is, and how I should 'Display' it in German ('LANG=DE').'.  GConf
would say: 'Display this as '_Eigene Dateien' and use the folder

You get the idea?

This would easily allow distributors and translators to do some setup, and
nothing would be hardcoded.

> 	1. Create the directories with their english names, show them
>            with english names on the file system view, but on the
>            `shortcuts' on file save/open dialogs use the translated
>            versions.

Uh?  Why create directories?  Directories should be created at the very
first time GNOME is run (or when a given directory does not exist), when
Language changes (but only after asking about this) and/or when explicitely
told to (eg. by a button in the Control Center).

> 	4. Use `Unix' names for the various elements, and have "user
> 	   names" which are shown into a few applications (file
> 	   dialogs, file manager virtual directories).
> 	   ~/docs       Shown as _("Documents")
> 	   ~/bin        Shown as _("Programs")
> 	   ~/packages   Shown as _("Software")
> 	   ~/desktop    Shown as _("Desktop")

This causes a lot of confusion.  In Nautilus I see 'Documents', but I cannot
find a direcotry called 'Documents' in the shell.  Hmm, this also cancels my
idea about '<Display LANG=XY>' above.  Well, translations should then be
done in the '<Location>' tag.

Alexander Skwar
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