[Nautilus-list] The Shelf

The other day I got an itch to implement the "shelf" (to which you can drag
files as a temporary holding zone to be placed in another directory) idea
that was tossed around here a while back.  I decided that the shelf should
be a sidebar thing, so I delved into the "notes" component, and began to
learn how it works.

But it occurred to me that someone else might be implementing this, so
before I go much further, I would like to know if anybody else is working on
something similar.

I don't know too much about bonobo/oaf/CORBA, but I read the bonobo tutorial
on the GNOME web site, and feel that I could hack my way around the code. 
If possible, I would like to use the nautilus icon view component (widget?)
(IE the thing that renders the files/directories in a Nautilus window) to
represent the shelf.

If anybody had any suggestions/help I would appreciate it since I'm still
mostly in the dark with this stuff.

Caleb Land
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