[Nautilus-list] Re: dependencies for nautilus scripts

Jon Allen wrote:

Hi there --

Here's my idea for checking script dependencies w/out relying on softcat.

1. Nautilus checks for scripting programs  that are installed.  We should
check for perl, python, etc.

2. User accesses script page through Nautilus, which passes a list of
locally installed scripting programs.  This could be done via cgi.

3. foo.pl processes arguments, determines what scripts are on machine,
passes on to server for xml scripting page, etc.  Page that returns to
user only displays scripts w/ok dependencies.  Provide user w/option to
see all scripts, regardless of dependencies.  "All" listing notes failed

Just a rough idea.


Works for me...

p.s. I will have an xml-rpc api defined very shortly.. I need to get some sleep first. It's bad enough when I try to pick up my cola with the mouse.

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