[Nautilus-list] Re: scripts website, etc.

Jon Allen wrote:

On Fri, 18 May 2001, Thomas Cherryhomes wrote:

Jon Allen wrote:

Hi Thomas --

Thanks for volunteering to help out with the web side of things for the
Nautilus themes/scripts repository.

Let's get the discussion going - what did you have in mind for this?  I
think we should get the scripts taken care of and then move on to themes.
Any ideas?


I agree that we can start with scripts. What do you think about creating
the site based on an XML 'catalogue' ?
(i.e. what Slashdot, meerkat, Freshmeat, et al are doing.)

I can also provide xmlrpc hooks into the web site for posting/retrieving
scripts. This would make things more interesting nautilus-side.


I like the 'XML catalogue' idea.  I'd like to see users select scripts via
categories, recent additions, # of downloads, etc.  Also there should be
an avenue for script submission via webpage.

The xml-rpc hooks will be very helpful.  I could see users
posting/searching/retrieving to/from the scripts repository via the
xml-rpc bridge.  I think Andy's been working on the Nautilus side of this,
but I don't know what he's come up with yet.

What kind of tasks can we break out from this?


I am also cc'ing the list on this.

Right now I see the following major parallel tasks:

(1) Deciding on a markup for our XML.
        (1a) Deciding on Markup
        (1b) if not available, write a DTD for the markup.
This could be something off-the-shelf, or we could hammer out the markup ourselves. I'd ultimately like to see if there is a markup out there that best fits our needs.

(2) Designing the backend. (I'll take care of getting this up to speed.)
(1a) Database schemas and table layout...this should be a no-brainer after the xml markup takes shape.
      (1b) Writing the RPC components.
              (still to be decided what components to expose!)

(3) Desigining relevant stylesheets for XML for web site presentation.

This one is a teeny bit more constiplicated :-/

We have two choices here:

(1) CSS
(2) XSL

i.e. we can attach a stylesheet to the XML documents to render out the data. but that limits us to xml compliant clients, i.e. the many Geckos (Mozilla, Netscape6, Galeon, Nautilus et al.) ...

or we can use a server-side XSLT parser to render out the html for a page we need.... We would have to do this to support older browsers.

Also, is anyone building a collection of scripts already??

-Thom Cherryhomes

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