Re: [Nautilus-list] Scripts/Themes web page.

Thomas Cherryhomes wrote:
> Hey, Bart!
> I was thinking, I'd like to volunteer for developing the web side of the
> themes/scripts repository. I have application servers here that could
> host it for now.

Hi Thomas,

Excellent.  Jon Allen's also expressed willingness to help with this. 
Perhaps the two of you can team up together for this?  Thanks for
offering to host the pages!  Andy's the webmaster for, so can you coordinate hosting issues with him?

But pls ping me if things get stuck or there's any way I can help move
things forward,

> I can also make the web pieces talk XML-RPC so that if something is done
> on the Nautilus side, it can be tied in with the website.
> -Thom Cherryhomes
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