re: [Nautilus-list] Suggestion: Red Carpet

Psyk[o] writes:

 > Hi, I have a suggestion.
 > Now the Eazel and Eazel Service is died.
 > The Eazel Service support in Nautilus will be removed.
 > Why not integrate Red-Carpet in Nautils instead of Eazel Service ?

If I had time to hack on Nautilus on top of all my other projects, I'd
start sending patches to remove features, not to add them.  Since I
don't have the time, I'll have to live with whatever the contributors
do (and give them my sincere thanks).

External, optional CORBA-based plugins are fine, of course, but the
default Nautilus installation could already stand a few weeks on
slimfast.  I see no harm (and much good) in leaving package
management, web browsing, MP3 playing, RSS headlines, etc. etc. in
entirely separate apps and letting Nautilus get good at its core
functionality.  Now that there are no VC's to dazzle, you don't have
to pretend that Nautilus is more than just a (good) file manager.

All the best,


David Megginson
david megginson com

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