[Nautilus-list] Drag 'n drop -- was: Millicent666 lusability study results

Which way would a kid pick? I am positive the drag-and-drop approach being more tactile and experimental would be easier for a kid as well as an adult to become adapted to and proficient with.

This got me thinking about the whole drag-n-drop thing. And while you weren't referring to dragging files around to move them, that has been a sticky issue as well.

I agree that dragging files is the best metaphor to use when moving them. However, some people dislike this when dragging into the "Tree View" tab because the targets were too small and it was easy to drop the file into the wrong directory. I think the font size in the tree was increased to target this problem.

I don't like that solution. If you have ever used the tree view, you know that it is HUGE!!! I hate to say it, but the tree view in GMC is much better looking. I propose another solution.

Why don't we make the tree smaller, so it will actually *fit* in a tab without having to scroll to see more than a few characters. When somebody drags an object over the tree, the "selected" tree entry would dynamically resize itself larger. This would make a larger, easier to hit target and would also make it very clear what directory the dropped object would go to.

A very simplistic HTML mockup is at:


(speaking of which, I really miss the ability to drag web links to the desktop . . . . )


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