[Nautilus-list] Re: [Bug 8265] Changed - problemas with candidate 1.0.3

on 5/10/01 5:40 AM, Diego Restrepo at restrepo inicia es wrote:

> I donwload nautilus 1.0.3 and related packages from www.eazel.com ->
> Download -> Red Hat 6.1/6.2 and install them in my Ximiam-GNOME 1.4
> distribution. However the web navigation, help system, and eazel
> services all went away (the service icon in toolbar went away also). If
> I unistall mozilla 0.8.1 and install the 0.8 version shipped before by
> eazel, the navigation and help system work. But if I try the eazel
> services from the Desktop launcher  a popup appear with the following
> error:
> "eazel:" is not a valid location. Please check spelling and try again
> Do You know from where I can get the nautilus version that works with
> the mozilla-8.0.1-ximian (I should like take advanyages of the new
> features there) and have the eazel services achieved?. Is there any
> snapshot? Do you recommend me in fill a new bug report?. Felt free to
> add any part of this information to the bug track system
> Thank you very much for the great work. I like very much the new News
> tab. The only still missing navigation feature is some mechanism for
> download web files. I dream with this working with the same "File types
> and programs" of nautilus which, by the way, is fantastic!.

It turns out that the fix I thought I had done for Nautilus 1.0.3 didn't
work (see <http://bugzilla.eazel.com/show_bug.cgi?id=7924> for details). As
a workaround, you can set MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME to "/usr/lib/mozilla-0.8.1" (I
think that's the value -- check your /usr/lib directory to be sure) and
export it, or you can install Mozilla 0.9 using the packages provided by the
Mozilla project.

Either fix should work, and will probably get rid of all the problems you
reported above.

    -- Darin

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