[Nautilus-list] rpm v3/v4 installer for RH6.2?

Miles Lane wrote:
> I have another question, which may be related.  I have Redhat 6.2, but I
> have upgraded to Ximian Gnome 1.4, which installs RPM 4.0.  Does the
> eazel-installer-rpm3 only understand RPM 3.x rpm databases?  I have been
> using the rpm3 installer, since that's what I'm told to do for my
> distribution.  I just tried the rpm4 installer, but was told that my
> distribution was incompatible and to use the rpm3 installer.  Am I
> screwed?

Also, if you have a properly updated Red Hat Linux 6.2 system (all
updates installed), you should have rpm 4.0.2 (see

Probably the Eazel installer needs to be fixed so that it works with
RH6.2 systems with rpm 4.0.2. You should probably add a bug report for
this specific problem at http://bugzilla.eazel.com/.


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