Re: [Nautilus-list] gnocam camera:// moniker and thumbnailing

on 5/9/01 5:20 AM, David Megginson at david megginson com wrote:

> Michael Rothwell writes:
>> Another problem is, Nautilus cannot make a ".thumbnails" directory
>> on the camera, so it cannot display thumbnails at all. It might be
>> nice to have nautilus use a substitute directory in my home dir for
>> read-only media like cameras and CDROMs, so that it can still show
>> thumbnails for images on read-only media. Maybe
>> ~.thumbnails/proxy/camera:__previews s20/IMG_0336.JPG.png"
> I think it would be a good idea to use a substitute directory
> *always*.  As a basic principle, Nautilus shouldn't pollute any
> directories it doesn't own, except for the standard configuration
> points ($HOME, $HOME/gnome, $HOME/.gnome-desktop).  With Nautilus 1.0,
> I had the very unpleasant experience of burning a CD-ROM and finding
> unwanted .nautilus-metafile.xml files all over it afterwards.
> All the best,
> David

You can set a preference so that Nautilus puts all the nautilus-metafiles
into a single directory. The preference is the confusingly-named "Make
Folder Appearance Details Public" and is found only at the Advanced user
level in the Speed Tradeoffs pane. If you set this to Never then Nautilus
will put all the nautilus-metafiles into a single directory.

(You can also turn off thumbnailing, but there's not currently an option to
leave thumbnailing on but have all the thumbnails stored in a single
directory. Perhaps some enterprising hacker would like to add that feature.)


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