Re: [Nautilus-list] Success with N1.03 Candidate and Mozilla 0.9

on 5/8/01 9:30 AM, Yaacov Akiba Slama at slamaya yahoo com wrote:

> Hello !
> I am using RH7.0 with all updates and Ximian1.4.
> I installed the RPMS from Nautilus 1.03 candidate, and because the
> mozilla included in Ximian is 0.8.1 (and not 0.8) I was not able to see
> any html inside nautilus.
> BUT, I downloaded the mozilla 0.9 RPMS from and
> installed them (I had to uninstall libnspr4) and BOOM everything is
> working N1.03 + M0.9 even if N1.03 was build for M0.8.

I'm glad (and a little surprised) to hear that Mozilla 0.9 worked with
Nautilus 1.0.3.

> Thanks for all.
> PS1: Do you think to implement https (SSL) ?

I know nothing useful about this so I'll let someone else answer.

> PS2: The right-click is not working when mozilla renders an html.

This is reported already as bug #3044. It's a missing
feature more than it is a bug.

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