Re: Accesibility issues (Was: Re: [Nautilus-list] Feature request: mouse gestures in Nautilus)

Simos Xenitellis wrote:

On Mon, 7 May 2001, Daryl Pawluk wrote:

while we're on this topic, there is another feature that i think would
be useful, and that is a lock button on trackballs. some of the Logitech
TrackMan series have an additional button that under windows can be a
lock button for draging without holding down a button which on some
trackballs requires two hands, one to move the ball, one to hold down
the button. this could also help the physically impaired on mice as
well. does anyone know if a mouse/trackball button can be made sticky
under X mouse support? by sticky i mean one click for down a second
click for up. this would be one way to implement drag-lock, except the
button would have to be interpreted as button 1 or at least have the
same function as button 1. lack of this capability is what is keeping
one physically impaired person that i know of from switching from
windows to linux. there must be others.

For this accesibility request, I believe that you will find appropriate
information at these pages:



it appears that AccessX only allows you to modify keyboard behaviour using X's keyboard extentions. the mouse is mapped into the keypad. this is not what i'm looking for. in any case although accessibility is an issue, i'm thinking in the more general case of trackballs for anybody's use. the lock button on some trackballs is not an option. you really do have to use two hands to drap without it. one particular example is the logitech TrackMan Live, which is a very handy device for use with a computer connected to a large screen tv. i've tried posting remarks about this on the X developer mailing list but have received no responses at all. if anyone has any additional information on this topic i would sure appreciate hearing about it.


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