Accesibility issues (Was: Re: [Nautilus-list] Feature request: mouse gestures in Nautilus)

On Mon, 7 May 2001, Daryl Pawluk wrote:

> while we're on this topic, there is another feature that i think would
> be useful, and that is a lock button on trackballs. some of the Logitech
> TrackMan series have an additional button that under windows can be a
> lock button for draging without holding down a button which on some
> trackballs requires two hands, one to move the ball, one to hold down
> the button. this could also help the physically impaired on mice as
> well. does anyone know if a mouse/trackball button can be made sticky
> under X mouse support? by sticky i mean one click for down a second
> click for up. this would be one way to implement drag-lock, except the
> button would have to be interpreted as button 1 or at least have the
> same function as button 1. lack of this capability is what is keeping
> one physically impaired person that i know of from switching from
> windows to linux. there must be others.

For this accesibility request, I believe that you will find appropriate
information at these pages:



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