Re: [Nautilus-list] Lost desktop icons

on 5/1/01 6:09 PM, Neven Boric at neven rdc cl wrote:
>>> Hi, I just installed the latest hourly build (200105011454) and all my
>>> desktop icons (home, trash, and mounted drives) show up with an "empty
>>> page" icon.
>>> Anyone knows what's happening?

I wrote:
>> I think I introduced this with my changes to the icon code. I'll have to fix
>> this tomorrow.

I checked in a fix.

on 5/1/01 7:01 PM, Andy Hertzfeld at andy eazel com wrote:
>       This new problem isn't restricted to the desktop - most, if not all, of
> the mime-type icons in my home directory are also missing.

I just saw this problem (separate) and I'm working on it now.

    -- Darin

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