[Nautilus-list] FreeType configure time detection improvements

Most people really don't care about this, but im posting anyway because
it might break your build.

I made our projects (librsvg, eel, nautilus and trilobite) all share the
freetype detection insanity by the use of a
hack-macros/nautilus-macros.m4 file.  So the actual scriptage to detect
and use freetype lives there now.  In the process i fixed the bug where
we were hard coded to use freetype from /usr.  It now works as people
that build freetype from source expect it to.  I cant recall who
reported this, but its fixed now.  

I also took the opportunity to put other wonderful autoconf technologies
we've been cut-n-pasting all over the many configure.in files - like
EAZEL_VERSION_INSIST - in one place.

Anyway, because of CVSROOT/module changes needed to make librsvg use the
hack-macros directory, those of you using eazel-hacking might get a
broken librsvg build.  So if that happens to you, you need to rm -rf
librsvg and rebuild.


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