Re: [Nautilus-list] Problem running with RedHat 7.1

on 5/1/01 7:03 AM, Rick at rickfriedman onebox com wrote:

> I'm new to this list and Nautilus as well. I recently installed RedHat
> 7.1 on my system. I then proceeded to download all the rpms (binaries)
> necessary for Nautilus (development libraries included).

Where did you download the RPMs from? What version of Nautilus and the other

> I installed the rpms. From within Gnome, I try to start Nautilus. First,
> it comes up saying that there may be a library missing (or some such)
> but allows me to try to continue.

What is the exact message?

> Upon continuing, it warns me that I'm
> running it as root. I click OK and then it seems like it's starting but
> then stops and goes back to the normal desktop. It then displays the
> root warning message again. Clicking OK just causes it to do the same
> thing again. It just loops like that until I cancel.

The looping is due to the fact that Nautilus is registered with the session
manager, and keeps getting restarted when it fails. The rules about when
this happens have been refined for the upcoming Nautilus 1.0.3 release so
they won't cause so much trouble.

> Any idea what could be wrong??

Too little information to say.

    -- Darin

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