Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus, Galeon, Mozilla

Ross Burton wrote:
> I was thinking today about how Galeon is a lovely browser which embeds
> Gecko, and Nautilus is a lovely file manager which also embeds Gecko.
> Nautilus is currently lacking several things which are essential for web
> browsers (such as saving files, more features, etc).  So, why doesn't
> Nautilus embed Galeon?  If Galeon was made a Bonobo object, surely it
> could be easily embedded into Nautilus and then Nautilus gains all of
> the functionailty of a complete web browser.
> Just a thought,
> Ross

We've considered sharing code between the Nautilus Mozilla component and
Galeon.  For now it has been mostly cut-n-paste and inspirational
sharing, but nothing substantion.

As far as the idea of "embedding Galeon in Nautilus", i have no clue
what that means or how it would work.

Galeon is currently a sland alone web browsers.  I imagine that to
abstract the web view parts of it and make a component out of it would
be a lot of work.

Personally, I think the hard parts of making the mozilla component more
usable are deciding what kinds of things to do and interfacing those
with the Nautilus shell.  No amount of code sharing or bonobo components
make this easier.


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