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> Ed McKenzie wrote:
> >On Fri, Jun 29, 2001 at 12:36:53AM -0400,
> mitch nuclear physics gatech edu wrote:
> >
> >>By updater I mean a app that retrieves new packages via the
> net. Nautilus
> >>should not retrieve new packages via the net. It should be able
> to install
> >>software that is on the harddrive though.
> >>
> >
> >What if the user downloads some (but not all) of the RPMS needed?
> >IMO, a list of missing .so files and symbol names isn't really useful
> >in figuring out exactly what versions of which packages are missing.
> >
> >If Nautilus is to install software at all, it should be less effort
> >than gnorpm and friends.  I think dependency checking implies some
> >kind of net connection and/or software catalog, since the user may not
> >have all the needed packages.  On the other hand, if you're just
> >installing software from your distro, the problem becomes _much_
> >simpler.
> >
> It shouldn't do all this.  It's a file manager/desktop shell, not the
> solution to every problem under the sun.
But, in the ideal sense, shouldn't it install whatever you throw at it, even
if that means downloading a new package?  It doesn't add any bloat to
nautilus if you don't use it.  I thought that the RPM view that nautilus
used to have was pretty damn useful.  If that could be brought back, or a
red carpet version could be developed, I am sure many people would find it

> The RPM installer should be a straightforward rpm -Uvh <packagename>.
>  If there are unmet dependancies, it should search the current directory
> for additional RPMs to meet the dependancies, if none are found, it
> should fail.
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