[Nautilus-list] Nautilus as a help browser

I like Nautilus as a help browser. I switched the default help browser from
gnome-help-browser to nautilus and it works quite well. However there are a
few issues:

1. When I use open in the help tab Manual->Applications, the scrollbar on
the side disappears, so it is impossible to scroll down the list of man

2. The output from gnome-man2html2 and gnome-info2html2 looks very ugly.
One thing has to do with mozilla. It would be nice to select the fonts the
Mozilla component use (sanserif and fixed) like in Galeon.

The background is gray, white like the other help documents would be
better. Generally fonts for titles seem too big to me, but this is an
aesthetic judgement of my own.

Maybe this would also be a good application for the gtkhtml-component, or
something completely new. Tkman is an application that comes to my mind.

Gérard Milmeister 
Tannenrauchstr. 35
8038 Zürich 

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