Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus Goals

> This man's needed feature is about a hundred-fold increase in speed 
> before I will even consider using it.  Konqueror does all these nifty 
> things too, but hey, it's much faster . . .

The only areas I know of where Konqueror is significantly faster is 
opening new windows and memory usage. Nautilus currently opens new 
directories, particularly large ones, significantly faster, copies files 
faster (barely, but a little), loads web pages marginally faster (this is 
really attributable to mozilla 0.9.1, but whatever).... If Nautilus 
performs slower on your machine in particular areas, I would really 
appreciate a message with your machine specs and stopwatch timings on 
specific operations.

Saying "Konqueror is faster" doesn't help much at all...


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