Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: Darin doesn't work effectively with Yoann?

On 19 Jun 2001, Yoann Vandoorselaere wrote:
> > and I have to redo them (and you get angry that
> > I don't work with you so that you can correct them),
> Darin, you piss me off [again].
> You should learn about respect and communication. And you should probably
> learn about what Maintaining a free software project mean.

I think I speak for most people here when I say that maybe instead *you*
should learn about respect and communication.

Darin does all his Nautilus work for free in his spare time, so he has no
obligation to answer any mail demanding answers from anyone at all, and
still he does it. The mails I've seen him write to help you has been
anything but bad. In fact, they have been very good. I'm very impressed
with the fact that he has not just got tired of you and put you in his
killfile yet. (I would have.)

Have you ever considered why you are the only person that seem to have
problem "communicating" with Darin? It might not be Darins fault only you

/ Alex

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