Re: [Nautilus-list] Why aren't people working on "request #1"?

Darin Adler <darin bentspoon com> writes:

> On Saturday, June 16, 2001, at 12:16  AM, Yoann Vandoorselaere wrote:
> > I'm trying, and I'm already waiting the answer to something like 20
> > questions that I asked you from two weeks ago to now. I need answer
> > to theses question to continue working on the described problem...
> It's true.
> Your queries are numerous, hard for me to understand (perhaps due to
> the language barrier), often broad and non-specific ("Look at this
> function. What do you think?"), 

Let's take the last one, that was also sent to the list,
about the re-layout being done even before any file is drawn.

This is causing latency on directory load.

I pointed you to the cause of the problem :
The hook to the files_changed signal in fm-directory-view.c that 
isn't disconnected at the good time.

I think this is specific enough... no ?

> and you complain when I don't answer
> fast enough or you don't like the tone of my responses. Other
> contributors work with me in ways that are easier on me, and which
> take less of my time and effort to deal with.
> But I'll try to answer the ones that I can figure out when I have the time.

Darin, this answer is easy, and I think that some of your arguments are
out of context. I asked you several time if something was wrong with me
because I wasn't getting any answer from you, to questions that date from
a long long time. 

Working on Nautilus performance problem is not something easy, and the 
only thing that you do when not at least acknowleding my question is 
like saying "I don't care him contributing".

I've spent several night trying to audit Nautilus on the performance/
latency problem. This is not easy, Nautilus isn't simple.

And this is kind of offending when you work for several hour on something, 
that you send a mail to the maintainer asking patch review, or how to avoid
X thing to happen or whatever question about a problem and never get any 

If you don't understand the question (the language barrier case), then tell
me. I'll try to be more understandable.

But if you never say me anything, then I'm losting my time.

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