Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: Thumbnail sharing

On Sat, 2001-06-16 at 11:58:35, Alexander Skwar wrote:

> (...)
> Pardon me, but do all the filesystems of the systems Nautilus is supposed to
> run on provide inodes?  Or, just for Linux: Do all of ext2, ext3, reiserfs,
> xfs and jfs have inodes?

YES. Userspace programs always see the files in the same way, no matter if
they come from ext2, reiserfs or fat partition. For some non-unix
filesystems (like fat) the kernel must work around the lack of real inodes
on the disk, but it still creates them in memory and the difference is
invisible for your program.
In UNIX systems inode is a structure describing a file. Inodes (and files)
don't have unique names, every inode may have zero or many names in the
filesystem. If you're accessing the file, you're accessing the inode and
every inode has it's unique id (unique in the filesystem it's placed in).


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