[Nautilus-list] eazel-hacking back in business

eazel-hacking is back in business.  There are however many
restrictions.  The largest of these is that it only supports RedHat 7.x
and I have no plans or desire to support other platforms anytime soon.

Im sorry if this is upsetting to anyone, but its the way it is.  

But, for those of us that have a need to hack on Nautilus it should work
as long as you are on RedHat 7.x.

If you have an "old" eazel-hacking, simply doing "update" and "rebuild"
should make you up-to-date.  It should also work if you have been using
cvs to make the rpms in the past few days (most likely just Darin) 

I havent yet decided exactly how updating the package is going to work. 
Before we used to have a system where you would boink a button on a web
site and it got updated.

If for whatever reason this doesnt work for you there is a more nerdy
way to fetch and install the package:

cvs co eazel-hacking
cd eazel-hacking
make rpm-install

Will build the rpm and ask you for a root password to install it.


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