Re: [Nautilus-list] FAM in nautilus.

On Friday, June 15, 2001, at 08:04  AM, Frederic Crozat wrote:

It seems nautilus folks have only compiled fam on Ximian GNOME for
RedHat 7.1

Nautilus folks have only compiled FAM on Ximian GNOME? Oh wait. probably mean "Ximian folks have only compiled with FAM support in the Ximian GNOME for Red Hat 7.1, not in other versions of Ximian GNOME"? Ah! OK. That's something you should take up with the packagers at Ximian.

I would like FAM to be installed with Nautilus on all platforms where it's practical.

I'm currently enabling fam on Mandrake cooker... and I had to do a very
ugly patch in nautilus-monitor.c to load instead of since it would require fam devel package for nautilus..
Could we try to find a nice way to correct that ?

What makes the patch "very ugly"? I think that making it load is probably the correct change. I am not expert on how shared libraries work in devel vs. non-devel packages, so I overlooked this issue. Can you help me figure out the right fix?

Are you planning to submit the patch upstream? It sounds like the mistake of using the wrong name for the library would affect others well.

The idea of the code in nautilus-monitor.c is to make Nautilus work with or without the FAM shared library installed. We could do things much more simply in the "normal" way, but that would make Nautilus packages require libfam, and I assumed it would be much nicer to use it if it was there, but work without it if it's not. I thought we were correctly making use of the gmodule calls to do that in a way that would work on many systems, but it seems that I did it wrong. One possibility is to take out the gmodule code and make Nautilus 1.0.4 require libfam at runtime if it's compiled with FAM support.

    -- Darin

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