[Nautilus-list] Latency on directory loading.


There is an issue on directory loading due to the fact
Nautilus is emitting the "files_changed" signal *before*
the finish_loading() function is called.

You need to know that Nautilus isn't able to draw anything
until finish_loading is called. And that the triggered signal
start a timeout on real_display_pending_file, which itself trigger
the re - layouting.

It seem this create some latency on directory load, 
and anyway, this look like a bug.

The responssible files_changed signal are emmited by the following 
function calling the nautilus_file_changed() function :

(in nautilus-directory-async.c)

- activation_uri_done() 
- directory_count_callback()
- deep_count_callback()
- mime_list_callback()

The two solutions I can see is :

1) Does theses signal *really* have to be emmited at this time ?

2) Disconnect the signal handlers as soon as we finish the
   real directory loading. (And reconnect it in the finish_loading()

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