[Nautilus-list] FAM in nautilus.

I've been sitting all day reading this dialog about reloading
directories, the need for it, and how much it slows nautilus down.  It
seems to me (I'm not a programmer) that if it is more efficient to use
nautilus with FAM, why concentrate on making it work without it?  Why
not just make FAM a requirement for nautilus and concentrate of solving
directory display problems within the framework of FAM.  Is there some
disadvantage to users using FAM?  I've been using in for a while with
EFM and have had no problems that I noticed.  In fact, I think that it's
pretty neat.  I don't know.  Just my two cents.

BTW, what is the status of FAM in 1.0.3?  What will it be in 1.0.4?  As
I said, I really like what I've seen of what FAM can do, but I don't
think that it's functional if kitame's 1.0.3 packages (not sure though).

Thanks a lot.


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