Re: [Nautilus-list] segfault when canceling delete

On Thursday, June 14, 2001, at 11:10  AM, christian glodt ist lu wrote:

The progress dialog which was displayed showed the
hidden files being deleted. Confusingly, it counted
the files wrongly: "Deleting 10/1" it stated.

I'd love a bug report in about this. It might turn out to be easy to fix.

Another matter was delete performance. No more than
10 files per second were deleted. From a shell, I
could delete the remaining 9000+ files in less than 2

Not sure why this is slow but I would like a separate bug report about this.

Because deletion was so slow, I clicked "Cancel" in
the progress dialog. That's when the segfault happened.

Probably easy to fix; it would be useful to have a backtrace. I would like a third bug report about this.

    -- Darin

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